Lost Limey Watches Supernatural #54 – “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

A quick note by way of introduction may be required here. For quite some time now, certain members of the Richmond WriMos have been trying to persuade me to watch the CW show Supernatural. I  have relented and am now embarking on watching Supernatural via the wonders of Netflix. This series of posts will simply be my first impressions, almost stream of consciousness style, presented in the form of the time elapsed in the episode and my thoughts expressed as bullet points. It’s effectively live tweeting the episodes except I don’t have to stick to 140 characters or fewer. So without further ado here’s my take on:

Season 3 Episode 10 – “Dream A Little Dream of Me”

  • 00:15 – First surprise of the previouslies was seeing Lisa, Dean’s ex. She kind of felt like a one episode wonder, but this hints at recurring status at least.
  • 01:07 – We open the teaser with Bobby on a hunt, which has me worried that he may become the Inevitable Teaser Death, though I would think something like that would be more apt to happen 1. in the main meat of an episode and 2. in the penultimate or final episode of a season.
  • 01:44 – Okay, the rapid jump scare of the screaming woman (a banshee? Does this show do that?) followed by the smash cut to Bobby asleep on the cleanest, whitest hotel bed sheets I’ve ever seen got me.
  • 02:20 – Bobby appears to be dreaming the screaming apparition, and the hotel maid can’t awaken him and so is panicking, assuming he’s dead. That has to happen in that line of work reasonably frequently, right? Even in the real non-Supernatural world.
  • 02:40 – Sam’s quest to be more Dean-like includes day drinking.
  • 03:42 – Sam’s drinking is to drown his sorrows around Dean’s demon deal. Assume the next couple of dialog beats are Sam’s “You need to want to be saved, Dean” stuff and Dean playing it off with false bravado, pretending not to be scared.
  • 05:03 – I definitely want to stay at the hotel in the teaser, even Bobby’s hospital bed has less-clean pillows. Dean was Bobby’s emergency contact under the alias “Snyderson,” which is what got the Brothers Winchester there.
  • 05:55 – Bobby apparently hid his wall o’ crazy hunting research in the hotel room wardrobe. And it’s kind of impossible to interpret. The boys do see a name – Dr. Gregg, who apparently died by falling asleep and never awakening. Dean volunteers Sam to translate the wall o’ crazy while he interviews folks about the late Dr Gregg.
  • 07:05 – Seems like Dean is following Bobby’s footsteps based on the interviewees description of a prior detective being “A nice older man with a beard.”
  • 08:01 – Dean pulled the old “permanent record” BS on poor Dr Gregg’s assistant ans is now presenting an ID in the name Detective Robert Plant to a new interviewee. I’ve got a Whole Lotta Love for that alias.
  • 09:16 – Apparently this guy couldn’t dream until Dr Gregg gave him some kind of drug thing as part of the sleep studies. Also, “Detective Plant” is empathizing way too much with the guy’s beer and acid trip comparisons for a real detective…
  • 10:50 – Sam Winchester drops by the episode again to play Mr. Exposition and explain about the African Dream Root stuff that’s probably going to drive the episode’s plot. I hear the details and inexplicably get this song stuck in my head.
  • 12:15 – Dean comes up with the not-at-all dangerous or insane sounding plan of trying to enter Bobby’s dream to find out more. Sam points out that they don’t have any of the dream root stuff, so Dean ramps up the plans stupidity level by suggesting they use Bela as a supplier. This is sure to end well, boys…
  • 13:01 – Bela shows up while Sam’s alone and takes off her coat to reveal lingerie. I have to assume we’re in someone’s dream sequence right now.
  • 13:39 – Yeah, Sam’s dreaming and making, per Dean, “Serious happy noises.” Dean’s guesses as to who Sam’s dreaming about: “Angelina Jolie? Brad Pitt?” serve to remind me that this episode aired in 2008.
  • 14:00 – In the non-dream world, Bela turned the boys asking for help down, as one would expect.
  • 14:27 – And then she shows up…
  • 15:14 – Bela claims she’s doing it for Bobby, who saved her life once. I assume she’s lying because her lips are moving and sound is coming out. Also Sam’s double-take when Bela takes her coat off is priceless.
  • 16:08 – Sam brings two cups of dream root cocktail, Dean makes a Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz joke. Sam fails to get it and then both myself and Dean wonder aloud exactly how sheltered Sam’s college life was.
  • 16:32 – Apparently part of the dream cocktail involves the body parts of the person whose dream you’re entering. In this case Bobby’s hair. Could be worse.
  • 17:24 – The transition of Dean at the window into the dream world is a really neat, simple effect.
  • 17:49 – It’s Bobby’s house in Bobby’s dream. I think we’re going to see whatever the incident was that put Bobby on the hunter’s path.
  • 20:29 – Seeing as the spooky figure stalking dream Bobby is apparently his wife, I think I’m right. Also, you can tell that she’s kind of evil as she’s wearing a white dress and appears to have bullet wound like blood stains on her neck/shoulder area. I think she’s the woman I misidentified as a banshee earlier. Though you can tell she’s not full on Supernatural evil as she lacks the obligatory blonde hair.
  • 21:07 – Bobby’s dream wife accuses him of stabbing her repeatedly. Her compares her to a rabid animal, so I’m assuming possession or similar.
  • 21:47 – Second interview guy just brained Sam with a baseball bat and revealed himself to be the dream weaver/killer behind the death of Dr Gregg and presumably also Bobby. Trying to figure out how he got some body part of Bobby’s for his Cup O’ Krueger though.
  • 22:31 – Bobby doesn’t believe Dean’s protestations that this is all a nightmare that Bobby should be able to take control of.
  • 22:55 – Something got through as Bobby’s wife disappeared from the dream after Bobby’s efforts.
  • 23:24 – Dean tells Bobby to wake up, he does…
  • 23:26 – …and we cut to the brothers Winchester jolting awake in their crappy motel room.
  • 23:52 – Dean tactfully (for him) asks if the stuff with his wife actually happened. Bobby’s answer “everybody got into hunting somehow.” Says more than any reams of exposition could.
  • 24:53 – Sam asks Bobby the same question I asked at 21:47 – How did second interviewee (his name is Jeremy) get some of Bobby’s DNA for his slumber sipper?
  • 25:00 – Jeremy got Bobby’s DNA by offering him a beer, which Bobby drank. So DNA from saliva then. Which means that Jeremy also has the ability to enter Dean’s dreams. I thought there was too much episode left for the case to be solved this neatly…
  • 26:17 – Bobby’s asking Bela why she’s helping them. I have to assume that if her “Bobby saved my life” story was true that Bobby would know…
  • 27:10 – After a fruitless two-day, heavily caffeinated search for Jeremy, Dean’s decided he’s gonna fall asleep and let Jeremy come to him. Sam responds to this terrible idea by plucking one of Dean’s hairs so that Sam can visit his brother’s dreamscape and thus a million slash fictions were born.
  • 27:57 – These woods could not look more sound stagey if they tried.
  • 28:21 – Lisa is there on a picnic blanket waiting for the boys. On the soundtrack we get a title drop (drink!) courtesy of Mama Cass.
  • 29:02 – Lisa’s disappeared, Jeremy’s appeared. Sam chases the latter, leaving Dean alone in a hallway with wallpaper made from the woods.
  • 30:21 – Dean is confronted by… himself.
  • 30:50 – Dean’s reaction: “I’m my worst nightmare.” Hee!
  • 31:10 – Apparently the dream version of Dean is a manifestation of his death wish/self-loathing tendencies. Seems to be trying to strip away the false bravado thing about that whole demon deal.
  • 32:16 – Dean is trapped in a room with himself, meanwhile Sam “wakes up” in the Impala next to a baseball bat wielding Jeremy.
  • 33:14 – Sam’s confrontation with Jeremy, who’s basically the god of this dream realm isn’t going well, seeing as he’s now tied up and staked to the ground.
  • 33:43 – Dream manifestation Dean is calling out real Dean on all his flaws and inadequacies. It’s a great psychological confrontation and makes points about how Dean is basically a Xerox of Daddy Winchester without his own mind. It’s also really impossible to convey in this format.
  • 34:56 – Dean’s reaction/denigration of Daddy Winchester is truly great.
  • 35:09 – Especially the culmination where Dean angrily declares “I don’t deserve to go to Hell!” and pumps two shells into the chest of the dream manifestation Dean.
  • 35:21 – Sam’s getting beat down.
  • 35:33 – Dream manifestation Dean isn’t dead, as he awakens and now has the black eyes of demonic possession. He tells actual Dean that this is what he’s going to inevitably become.
  • 36:00 – Sam deals with Jeremy by summoning Jeremy’s abusive father, which abruptly leads to Sam getting the baseball bat and hitting Jeremy in the dream until Jeremy dies(?) in reality. This ends the dream for the brothers Winchester. Probably just as well in Dean’s case.
  • 37:34 – Bobby can’t work out why Bela (who has disappeared) was helping them in the first place. Apparently the thing he did was less “saving her life” and more “giving her a good deal on an amulet.” Bobby tells the boys to check their pockets.
  • 37:54 – And he’s right. Bela stole the Colt from them. Partly their fault for showing her that they had it hidden in the cheap motel safe when she brought them the Dream Root stuff. Mostly Bela’s fault for being a thieving little wench though.
  • 38:19 – Dean’s decided that the boys next hunting target is going to be Bela, which makes sense. He also asks Sam what Sam saw in Dean’s dream and is relieved that Jeremy kept them separated so that Sam didn’t see the Dean on Dean confrontation.
  • 38:42 – Dean finally admits that he doesn’t want to die and go to Hell.
  • 39:19 – We flash back to the dream and see that it’s the Demon-possessed Dean whose finger-snap ended it.

Loved the dream conceit here. It might be a slightly hackneyed concept, but it worked really well here for a number of different objectives, notably the usual suspense/mystery aspect as the boys try to figure out how to save Bobby, who the show explicitly labels as a substitute father figure for the boys (which makes me think his days are somewhat numbered). Then the psychological aspect of the scene with two Deans which really was a centerpiece of the episode for me, and was excellently done with it genuinely looking like there were two Jensen Ackles’ it a lot of the shots.

The episode was slightly filler in that it didn’t really advance the plot of the season in any real significant way (depending on what Bela does with the Colt, I suppose) even in dealing with the Dean Demon Deal. There’s still the minor detail of the escaped army of demons that the boys haven’t dealt with much beyond the seven deadly sins right at the season’s start. I would want to see more happening on that front, but it’s almost like it’s been dropped entirely as a plot.


One thought on “Lost Limey Watches Supernatural #54 – “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

  1. “You’re gonna die, Dean, and THIS – this is what you’re gonna become!” I LOVE that scene!!! Really good acting from Mr. Ackles. 🙂

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