Lost Limey Watches Supernatural #26 – “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”

A quick note by way of introduction may be required here. For quite some time now, certain members of the Richmond WriMos have been trying to persuade me to watch the CW show Supernatural. I  have relented and am now embarking on watching Supernatural via the wonders of Netflix. This series of posts will simply be my first impressions, almost stream of consciousness style, presented in the form of the time elapsed in the episode and my thoughts expressed as bullet points. It’s effectively live tweeting the episodes except I don’t have to stick to 140 characters or fewer. So without further ado here’s my take on:

Season 2 Episode 04 – “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”

  • 00:40 –  Young couple to start the episode. She’s wearing white which means she’s either evil or, worse, the Inevitable Teaser Death. Alas, poor Angela, we’ll hardly know ye.
  • 01:04 – And he’s just been friend zoned. They’re all so, so dead.
  • 01:48 – Sweet Motorola Razr flip phone! The joys of watching 9 years later….
  • 02:13 – And she’s dead after using the phone while driving. Blu-Tooth. Not just named for a Viking, but also a life-saver
  • 02:58 – The brothers Winchester are doing what they do best – bickering like an old married couple. Sam’s hair is oddly less terrible than is its wont.
  • 04:17 – Burying Daddy Winchester’s dog tags with Mommy Winchester’s head stone is kind of sweet.
  • 05:29 – Okay, a circle of completely dead vegetation is a creepy visual, especially when contrasted against the sunny day time exterior shots we’ve had so far, which I think are unusual for this show.
  • 06:12 – Sam: “Maybe the groundskeeper went a little aggro with the pesticides.” While that does seem thunderously unlikely for a graveyard worker, that statement means that in my head canon, the groundskeeper is Willie.
  • 08:22 – Hmm, I think Dean might be laying on the Dead Daddy Issues subtext on just a little bit thick…
  • 09:34 – When Sam said “little girl,” Jared sounded very, very Texan. Good thing his character’s not from somewhere like Kansas or anything…
  • 11:08 – The plant shriveling up & dying is a cool visual even if the effects around it are very cheesy. Not that I can complain about cheesy special effects when I still watch Star Trek TOS and Doctor Who.
  • 11:36 – Oh s***! Angela’s reflection in the TV. Judging by the soundtrack (and episode title) some bad juju is about to be going down.
  • 12:30 – Dean gets caught scoping out a college dorm by a student in her underwear. That doesn’t make him seem incredibly skeevy or anything. Though the way he spots her reflection in a photograph of Angela is a nice visual echo to Angela in the TV.
  • 13:57 – So the guy Angela killed right around the 11:36 mark was her boyfriend Matt. And by throat-cutting which is all kinds of hardcore
  • 14:47 – Sam’s watching porn! At least I’m assuming that’s what The Skin Channel’s Casa Erotica 4 is. Being the fourth volume of that series,  I assume it’s the one with the whales. It also makes Dean’s entrance rather awkward.
  • 15:57 – Of course Dean stole the girl’s diary. That’s just how the Dean do.
  • 16:20 – “Maybe throw in a little therapeutic collage” – Even when Dean is in full blown Dead Daddy Issues mode, he can bringeth forth the snark.
  • 17:54 – Why is burning a fresh(ish) body a nastier thing than if it were just bones? I guess it is, but there’s no rational way I can explain why.
  • 18:28 – An empty grave makes the morality of body burning moot. can’t burn what isn’t there. And I think this makes it official, Angela is a zombie.
  • 19:11 – Quite the kisser for a corpse
  • 19:56 – Dean’s being kind of cary intense.
  • 20:33 – It’s weird to hear Necromancy being casually mentioned in a modern day(ish) setting.
  • 20:54 – Accusing a grieving father of being an evil necromancer is definitely a major dick move, but at least the Pet Sematary reference keeps it funny.
  • 22:44 – “I’m being an ass, and I’m sorry but right now there’s a freaking zombie running around and we need to figure out how to kill it.” Dean more or less encapsulates the 26 episodes I’ve watched so far in a single run on sentence.
  • 24:10 – So Matt’s friend Neal was the one who raised Angela. I guess that makes him a Necromancer in much the same way that Eric Thursley is a demonologist.
  • 25:10 – “Unrequited Duckie Love” reminds me that I should really watch Pretty in Pink or at least one of those John Hughes movies about Chicago teens one day. For now, this Limey will revel in his ignorance.
  • 25:38 – “It’s your grief counselors, we’ve come to hug!” Hehe.
  • 27:23 – “Well, it takes two to, you know, have hardcore sex.” – That sentence ended in a whole different place from where it began.
  • 28:54 – A lot of the murderous females in this show seem to favor white outfits. Must be a b*tch to get all the blood out.
  • 29:19 – Well that’s the silver bullet theory buggered.
  • 29:58 – The boys have gotten themselves a plan. And like all wholesome family friendly plans, it ends with nailing someone inside of a casket.
  • 31:11 – Dean getting his Dark Knight Batman voice on. Impressively, he’s doing it a couple of years before the movie was released.
  • 31:54 – Ooh, nice little bluff work from the bros.
  • 33:15 – I think Neal might be having regrets about his relationship with Angela. He needed to check where she fell on the Barney Stinson scale before doing the freaky deaky raising the dead stuff.
  • 34:18 – Oh, she mad!
  • 34:25 – And he’s dead.
  • 35:58 – Y’know Angela, that whole “I’m still a person” spiel seems even less believable now that you’ve essentially just shrugged off taking a bullet between the eyes.
  • 36:31 – “[BODY TISSUE CRUNCHING]” might be the greatest closed captioning sound effect I have ever seen.
  • 36:57 – Just how many graves have the boys dug up and/or filled in? I imagine they could run a profitable side line in speedy pot hole repairs….
  • 37:29 – So Sam broke his hand. Wonder if we’ll see a cast for that next episode.
  • 37:31 – For a 23-year-old headstone, Mary Winchester’s is impeccably maintained.
  • 39:54 – Dean’s attitude is because he feels bad that his own resurrection probably cost Daddy Winchester’s life and the Colt. Seeing as that’s exactly what happened, it’s hard to blame him.

I guess this episode was important to show how much Daddy Winchester’s death had affected Dean, and to give Dean that final teary moment of catharsis, but it was extraordinarily dull. It’s not helped from a 2015 perspective where zombie tropes have been over done to the point of saturation, so I’m sick of them (ironically, they just won’t die.) Aside from the zombie antagonist being  less than interesting, the episode as a whole was very flat. All the plot beats were pretty predictable, to the point that I could predict what would happen next with unerring accuracy without having to pay close attention to the episode. While there were some witty zingers and some emotional meat in Dean’s arc, there wasn’t a good episode skeleton to hang it from. This whole thing just felt hollow.


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