Lost Limey Watches Supernatural #19 – “Provenance”

A quick note by way of introduction may be required here. For quite some time now, certain members of the Richmond WriMos have been trying to persuade me to watch the CW show Supernatural. I  have relented and am now embarking on watching Supernatural via the wonders of Netflix. This series of posts will simply be my first impressions, almost stream of consciousness style, presented in the form of the time elapsed in the episode and my thoughts expressed as bullet points. It’s effectively live tweeting the episodes except I don’t have to stick to 140 characters or fewer. So without further ado here’s my take on:

Season 1 Episode 19 – “Provenance”

  • 00:01 – No “Previously on Supernatural” this episode. Instead straight into the teaser.
  • 00:37- Which means that this couple of art buyers will get to be the Inevitable Teaser Deaths faster than usual.
  • 01:10 – Faces moving in the painting, and not in that goofy Harry Potter way.
  • 02:23 – Well she’s definitely dead, looks like a throat slashing. Lots and lots of blood, too.
  • 02:27 – And now he’s dead.
  • 04:40- Dean clearly not thinking with his upstairs brain so far.
  • 05:31 – Jensen Ackles does convincing hungover acting… Also is the fancy car with a “THEKRIP” license plate a joke about show creator Eric Kripke?
  • 06:06 – I like the running gag of Dean grabbing whatever food is nearby. In this case it’s mini-quiches. Also, the boys look super underdressed here. Shold have at least suited up.
  • 07:04 – That’s definitely not American Primitive, lady.
  • 07:17 – Oh, it was a test. That’s… actually quite clever.
  • 08:10 – “We don’t have to be told twice.” “Apparently, you do.” Hee.
  • 08:48- Disco-themed motel room! That. Is. Awesome!
  • 09:24 – Once again, Dean seems incredibly keen on getting his little bro laid. Admittedly, there’s an ulterior motive here due to the case but I don’t think that would make much of a difference.
  • 10:43 – Had they established before now what Sam was studying at Stanford? Pre-law seems an odd fit for the character. I totally buy that he would have taken an art history class to meet girls though.
  • 11:47 – If you’d do something about that terrible hair, Sam, then I’m sure Sarah and any future dates would drop that “reasonably.”
  • 13:15 – Nice bit of research matching the provenances to the names in Daddy Winchester’s journal.
  • 13:18 – Fantastic smash cut to the boys engaging in a bit of breaking and entering.
  • 14:42 – Burning the painting clearly won’t work – there’s simply too much time left in the episode. Plus it looks like it’s reforming in the frame as it burns.
  • 15:56 – Nice wallet bluff there, Dean. You really do want your little brother to get some, don’t you?
  • 18:47 – Exposition guy expounding on the history of the Isaiah Merchant family seems entirely too cheerful about the concept of slitting throats with a straight razor.
  • 20:32 – So Dean’s hoping that if Sam gets some action he’ll be less moody. I sort of get that.
  • 22:58 – The painting claims another victim, but I don’t think we saw her prior to this, so no real impact for the death.
  • 24:01 – The woman’s head tilting back away from her slit throat like that was a fantastic shot, and totally earned Sarah’s scream.
  • 26:04 – “Sam, marry that girl.” I guess Dean’s pushing them for more than a hookup after all. Also,on an utterly shallow level, the braids in her hair look really good.
  • 28:06 – Breaking into a mausoleum seems almost humdrum for the boys, so it’s nice to see Sarah come along and find it weird.
  • 30:38 – So, Sam does want Sarah but he’s doing the noble thing in not dating her so that she doesn’t get hurt. I imagine Dead Jessica is weighing heavily on his mind.
  • 34:06 – Dean still trying to set Sam and Sarah up. You have to admire his persistence.
  • 34:33 – The sound of a little girl giggling is surprisingly chilling. Apparently it wasn’t old Isaiah doing the throat slitting.
  • 37:13 – And Sarah comes through with the idea to make the save. Also, I found those dolls creepy enough before watching the show, finding out that they have real human hair certainly doesn’t lessen that sense of unease.
  • 38:18 – Nice intercutting between Sam & Sarah under attack and Dean doing his thing at the mausoleum. I’m also amused by Dean getting frustrated that he can’t crack the glass with the butt of his gun before realizing that he can just shoot the damn glass with said gun.
  • 42:17 – At least they finally kiss. (Sarah & Sam, not the brothers…)

I liked this one. The introduction of Sarah to the actual hunt switched up the character dynamics between Sam & Dean a little. It also was a nice character beat to see Sam start to work his way past Dead Jessica. It makes sense given the time frame and the immense stress the hunting life style must cause. Also, the twist that it wasn’t Isaiah who was responsible for the murders was done well. Another great standalone episode.  The show has figured out its strengths for the most part, and this episode played to them.


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