Lost Limey Watches Supernatural #14 – “Nightmare”

A quick note by way of introduction may be required here. For quite some time now, certain members of the Richmond WriMos have been trying to persuade me to watch the CW show Supernatural. I  have relented and am now embarking on watching Supernatural via the wonders of Netflix. This series of posts will simply be my first impressions, almost stream of consciousness style, presented in the form of the time elapsed in the episode and my thoughts expressed as bullet points. It’s effectively live tweeting the episodes except I don’t have to stick to 140 characters or fewer. So without further ado here’s my take on:

Season 1 Episode 14 – “Nightmare”

  • 01:33 – We begin with a guy who I assume to be Inevitable Teaser Death Man being unable to shut off his car in an enclosed garage. I immediately worry that this going to be another haunted vehicle episode, like the last one.
  • 02:22 – Apparently the death of Inevitable Teaser Death Man was one of Sam’s dreams. A “Nightmare,” if you will. Perhaps they could use that as an episode title.
  • 03:15 – “A normal, everyday, naked-in-class nightmare.” Oh, Dean Winchester, you are truly the King of Snark
  • 04:21 – Get him a body bag, yeah!
  • 05:36 – That teenager standing with Inevitable Teaser Death guy’s family looks super creepy.
  • 07:19 – The brothers as priests is an amazing visual. Sam’s right though, this is definitely a whole new low for them.
  • 07:23 – Fathers Simmons and Freeley. You might be in Michigan (Vancouver edition) but this isn’t Detroit Rock City, Dean.
  • 08:22 – I’d totally steal a (non-pork) cocktail wiener or two in Dean’s place.
  • 09:06 – Creepy teen is apparently Inevitable Teaser Death Man’s son and also named Max Miller. Going by the Stan Lee Rule of Alliterative Names, he has superpowers.
  • 11:51 – Dean dressed as a priest and waving that laser doohickey around is a completely absurd visual.
  • 13:26 – Sam’s psychic headaches can’t be good.
  • 14:26 – Very claustrophobic direction on this scene with the window acting weird. Adds to the tension and paranoia.
  • 15:05 – Decapitation by defenestration! You don’t see that every day. Plus that’s a lot of blood in this dude’s head.
  • 15:14 – Oh it’s more of Sam having The Shining. Or more The Dead zone, sticking with King and considering the death focused nature so far.
  • 16:24 – Sam: “It’s never been in the family like this.” Apart from in the pilot where it was your mother, or four episodes ago when it was sort of your mother again in your childhood home. Or how this whole season was motivated by you two thinking it was something that got Daddy Winchester. But aside from it involving your Mother, your Father and now you, you’re right Sam, it’s never been in the family. I think that terrible hair may be eating his brain cells.
  • 17:45 – The camera work is making this fire escape look genuinely threatening.
  • 18:05 – The blood spattered window helps the unsettling tone. And it looks like we’re down another Miller.
  • 19:49 – That’s a lot of tuna casseroles.
  • 21:03 – Max is clearly hiding something, and just his Stan Lee-given super powers.
  • 22:27 – So, Inevitable Teaser Death Man was a violently abusive drunk towards young Max. I think our young not yet superhero must be the prime suspect here. Perhaps he was bitten by a radioactive Helen Mirren?
  • 23:03 – Looks like it’s time for more Sam-O-Vision…
  • 23:29 – Max appears to have telekinetic powers and is calling out his stepmom for not stopping the abuse from our two corpses of the episode so far. I’m guessing that nice big knife is going to be all stabbity stab in a minute. So, will the Brothers Winchester get to the step mom before this Sam premonition comes true?
  • 23:51 – Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes!
  • 25:41 – That’s a very shiny gun
  • 26:03 – “Fathers?” I smirked at the step mom still thinking the Winchesters are priests.
  • 26:56 – Max spotted Dean’s gun. Stuff is about to go down.
  • 27:43 – When the guy waving a gun around and yelling is calling you nuts, you might be a little far gone.
  • 28:41 – Kind of liking Deans’s reluctance to leave Sam & Max alone.
  • 29:40 – Those are some gnarly wounds.
  • 31:38 – Holy crap, Max’s mom died the same way as Mommy Winchester and Dead Jessica did. Could Sam and Max’s psychic powers be tied in to whatever malevolent entity was responsible?
  • 32:50 – “For some reason you and I were chosen.” “For what?” Damned good question there, Max.
  • 34:15 – Like R Kelly, Sam is now trapped in the closet.
  • 34:45 – Pretty sure this scene of Max confronting Dean and the apathetic step-mom with a gun is a glorious Sam-o-vision
  • 35:25 – Bullet through Dean’s head and epic amounts of blood. Yeah, this is a vision.
  • 35:44 – Now Sam has telekinesis. An interesting development.
  • 36:44 – Swerve! I thought Sam had gotten through, and then Max commits suicide by telekinetic gunshot. Never saw that coming.
  • 38:58 – I think that’s the longest sustained praise Sam has given to Daddy Winchester since the show began.
  • 40:34 – Happy that Sam isn’t keeping his new-found telekinesis ability from Dean this time.

I was already liking this episode a lot because the mystery of the episode plot was going well, the deaths were sufficiently creepy and atmospherically shot, and Max as the abuse victim lashing out at the abusers worked for me as motivation. Then the reveal that Max’s real mom was killed by the demon that’s been targeting the Winchesters tied things into the seasonal myth arc. That bumped it up, got my attention even more and makes me wonder if the psychic abilities Sam is manifesting might actually be a source of evil.


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