Return of Four by Flash Piece 8: Fuzzballs


Fluffykins T. Frog rolled his eyes. It was a gesture his face was well suited for.

“Honestly, Red, I think that you want The Man to catch us,” he said.

“No idea what you’re talking about, Fluff,” Red answered. The dirty white bear swung from the cord of the bedroom’s Venetian blinds, using the momentum to fly from the window sill and flop into the mattress on the floor.

“Don’t give me that baloney,” Fluffykins said “you know you can’t get back up here. I’m pretty sure The Man will remember he left us in the window.”


“So he’ll figure out something’s going on with you. Use the brain your head for once.”

“Don’t got one of those. My head’s fully of Korean polyester, same as yours,” Red said.

The frog harrumphed and rolled his eyes again.

Red pushed himself to his feet with his forepaws. After a little teetering, the bear made his way to the kitchen. As usual, The Man hadn’t cleaned up very well. This meant that Red could grab and eat a couple of discarded fries, which he did with gusto. Red could feel the stitching of his seams stretch as he ate. If he didn’t stop these excursions, Red would soon leak stuffing as he walked.

Red heard a muffled beep. Before he could register what it was, his amphibian roommate spoke.

“That sounded like the elevator!” Fluffykins admonished, “Get back in here quick! It could be the Man!”

“Ah, that elevator makes strange noises all the time,” Red said. Nevertheless, he started speed waddling back to the bedroom. He had managed to cross the doorway and fall face first on to the bedroom carpet when the tell-tale scratching at the apartment entrance began. The Man always struggled with his keys.  Red crawled to the back wall of the bedroom. He gazed up at the window sill, far out of his reach.

The apartment door creaked as The Man walked through. Red leapt at the window sill. The jump came in several feet short. Red heard The Man’s footsteps on the laminate flooring coming closer to the bedroom. Fluffykins shot Red a beady eyed “I told you so” look. Red just shrugged his shoulders and flopped back on to the mattress, laying still.

The Man walked into the bedroom, dropped his black bag on the floor and gave Red a quizzical look. He picked up the bear, grabbed the frog from the window and threw them both into the washer.


As followers of this blog are no doubt aware, back in March of this year, I participated in a Flash Fiction writing challenge known as “Four by Flash,” which had the goal of producing sixteen flash fiction pieces (four a week for four weeks) in a single calendar month. However, the full extent of that challenge was to repeat that schedule four times in a calendar year for a total of sixty-four pieces. I had earmarked June as my second month to attempt this feat, vowing to do better than I did in March, where a late start meant that pieces were still dribbling out in April.

I clearly failed miserably on the actual deadline thing, but I’m still determined to get all the sixteen pieces out. This piece is my eighth of the set and I still have ideas for the rest. 

The inspiration for this 416-word piece, was simply that nothing in my apartment ever seems to stay where I put it. I started wondering “What happens here while I’m at work?” And this piece was born. It’s also rather less dark than my last few ideas, which is nice as I don’t want things to be unrelentingly grim.


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