Lost Limey Watches Supernatural #3 – “Dead in the Water”

A quick note by way of introduction may be required here. For quite some time now, certain members of the Richmond WriMos have been trying to persuade me to watch the CW show Supernatural. I  have relented and am now embarking on watching Supernatural via the wonders of Netflix. This series of posts will simply be my first impressions, almost stream of consciousness style, presented in the form of the time elapsed in the episode and my thoughts expressed as bullet points. It’s effectively live tweeting the episodes except I don’t have to stick to 140 characters or fewer. So without further ado here’s my take on:

Season 1 Episode 3 – “Dead in the Water”

  • 02:11 – I feel that last camera shot of inevitably doomed teaser girl (I’m guessing here) was a definite tribute to Jaws
  • 02:35 – Poor inevitably doomed teaser girl. I think she just died.
  • 03:18 – That waitress has some impressively tiny shorts. I see why Dean says “That’s fun,” in regards to her
  • 05:01 – Agents Ford & Hamill. Love the Star Wars shout out.
  • 06:53 – This cop guy sounds kind of Southern for a Wisconsinite, but I’ve always been terrible at identifying US accents.
  • 07:37 – It’s Fred from Angel!
  • 08:59 – “Must be hard, with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” Dean just got an ice burn from Andrea
  • 10:09 – I can tell this kid Lucas is traumatized, because like Dean in the pilot and Sam now, he has terrible hair
  • 10:54 – Proper green plastic army men! I haven’t seen those in forever
  • 11:24 – You know a grown man approaching a kid in a play park and ingratiating himself is likely to pick up a very unsavory reputation, Dean
  • 11:54- Lucas & Dean – The Dead Parents Society. Which also lacks a Robin Williams figure
  • 12:41 – Sam might be a lot of things, but he’s not a “geek brother”
  • 14:29 – Is inevitably doomed teaser girl’s dad also dying?
  • 15:21 – Don’t put your hand in the ominously bubbling dirty sink water, you moron! Can’t you hear the spooky background music?
  • 16:12 – He dead.
  • 18:34 – Kid’s got mad drawing skills. That’s clearly the house he drew
  • 20:00 – I’m guessing the red bike drawings pay off later, going by the way the camera almost linges on them
  • 23:42 – “It’s worse than dying.” Possible arc words for the episode?
  • 25:43 – Boat blast! Wooo!
  • 29:23 – Pretty sure this woman’s going to drown in a bathtub. Technically the second time the show’s gone to that well (pun intended) in three episodes
  • 31:28 – Intercutting Andrea struggling and drowning with Lucas’ insistent door knocking is really creepy.
  • 34:23 – Lucas’ outfit is halfway between scrubs and a prison jump suit.
  • 36:00 – They do sound nuts sheriff dude, but you’re the one who’s pointing a gun at them, and possibly helped kill a guy back in 1970
  • 37:09 – It “got rough?” It was MURDER! That’s rough in the same way the Sahara’s a “little bit dry”
  • 38:09 – I’m guessing the show (or the WB/CW network) don’t have the balls to kill off a kid. Lucas will live
  • 39:55 – Sheriff was doomed. Lucas looks dead. I’m saying CPR happens before the credits roll
  • 40:35 – Yep, kid’s alive. Nice fake out attempt though, show.
  • 40:48 – He speaks! A little.

This episode felt very generic and by the numbers. It feels like the show is starting too find its groove a little bit and is establishing the brothers Winchester as more than one note personalities. That’s certainly helping the interplay between them.

Also, I’m loving the general rock soundtrack and the car, which I think is a late 1960s Chevy Impala in black. I would also have liked to see more than lip service being paid to the idea of tracking down the Dad,but this is clearly now shaping up to be a season long plot and with 22 episodes, there’s going to be some filler episodes.


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