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As is the case with most writers and wannabe writers, I’m a voracious reader. Or at least I like to think I am, though I’ll freely admit that my writing time has severely cut into my reading time lately.

I’m also someone with a bit of a competitive streak who is a fan of defined metrics and measurable outcomes in everything. If I can reduce things to numbers, that becomes a goal to be beaten I want to win.

How does that apply to reading? Simple, I finally discovered the reading social media website/smartphone app Goodreads (I have no connection to the product other than as a user). It lets me keep track of how many books I’m reading, and it has options for progress updates either in page numbers and percentages. Indeed, I’ve even added a GoodReads Widget to this blog, right beneath the Twitter feed.

What has proved fatally attractive to my competitive nature is that it lets you enter a target number of books to read for 2014, and then gives a percentage achieved towards that goal. I went with a fairly tame goal of fifty books for the year, which works out to four and a sixth books per month. that means I have to have read eight books, and be at least thirty-three percent through another by the end of February. Currently, I’m behind on that goal but trying very hard to get ahead of pace. I’m also inordinately pleased to be two books ahead of one of my Richmond WriMo friends who is also trying to hit the fifty books target this year. I realize that’s incredibly petty of me, but it means I’m winning against someone.

I’m also probably the last writer blogging to have not used GoodReads before 2014, hence the “late to the party” part of this blog title.

What social media websites and apps do you use that you’d recommend to me as a writer and reader?


4 thoughts on “Late to the party – GoodReads

  1. Love goodreads! Continuing the “this is probably sort of petty but shush” vein, I like having somewhere I can keep track of what I read so that I can look back later and see that I actually accomplished something, didn’t just buy books and put them on a shelf and forget about them.

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