#NaNoWrimo day 7: Oh dear, oh dear.

NaNo2013 Day 7

Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. I had my first (and I hope last) zero-word day of the 2013 National Novel Writing Month season. Because I was lucky enough to hit my gold level goal yesterday,I’m still technically an entire day ahead of the minimum needed pace (represented by that grey bar above). Hopefully on the eighth, I can hit 3,333 words (a platinum goal, if you will) to resume being ahead of pace. I have a visualization of a lot of scenes in the town that Sir Nikolai is about to visit that should rise to that level. I’m also going to use the remainder of the “Word Count Pub Crawl” to boost the word counts up.

So, what led to that zero day? Well,the biggest thing was depression for personal reasons and memories (neither of which I’m going to discuss further on this blog). The next biggest thing was reading back what I had so far (something which you should never do during NaNoWriMo) and noticing that aside from the inconsistencies of detail and timeline stuff inherent to a speedy first draft (fix it in December…) is that I’ve deviated so far from my outline as discussed in my prior blogs about the snowflake method and three-act structure that my planned climax just would not work. I spent plenty of the day redoing the general outline, but as those words don’t count to the story, I didn’t include them in the count. I think I have a newly-minted ending that works. Technically it’s two parallel endings, on different planes of existence.

Another reason, and one far less insidious is the nefarious cellphone game that is Candy Crush Saga, specifically the 86th level of that game (I’m sure you are all far ahead of that, I’ve never been a gamer.) The other reason, and one that seems especially common during NaNoWriMo time is that a whole fistful of other ideas appeal more to me than the story I’m writing. Apparently, I prefer alternate history or semi-realistic earthbound stories to fantasy when I write, which is the exact opposite of what I tend to read. I will put them aside and stick to the constraints of the NaNoWriMo rules. I may rebel next year or during a Camp NaNo and write a bunch of different things under the umbrella word count.


2 thoughts on “#NaNoWrimo day 7: Oh dear, oh dear.

  1. One of the big advantages to NaNoWriMo if you write ahead is that you can afford to have a day where you don’t write any new material. Granted, it’s not the goal, however there’s always reason that could cause it to happen.

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