Of goals missed,and of goals met. NaNo Day 4

Well, it’s not long before midnight on November 4th, and I am tired. I did more of my National Novel Writing Month novel today. I had hoped to get to 10,000 words by the end of today (I had 5,870 done yesterday), but sleep, life and the hapless Washington Redskins successfully distracted me. So how did I do? Like this:

Day 4 NaNo Stats

As you can see, I fell some way short of my 10,000 word goal, only reaching 8,786. the good thing about that though, is that number is not only more than the NaNoWriMo ‘par’ for today (6,667) it’s also more than the par for tomorrow (8,333), So I effectively could take a free day off from writing and still be on pace to finish by the end of the month. Or I could keep writing and hit the elusive 50,000 word mark before Thanksgiving. I shall have to see what curves life throws at me between then and now.

So, I didn’t make my private goal of 10,000 words for today, but I busted through the official goal of 6,667 words. I’d call that a qualified success.


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