NaNoWriMo Update 1 – Day 3

As some of you might be aware, November is the official National Novel Writing Month, more popularly known by the unwieldy agglomeration that is the title of this post. I finally bit the bullet last year and just managed to eke out the 50,000 words by the end.

I’m trying again this year and actually doing a little better than I imagined. The stats updated for the 4th just after midnight, but this is what my little graph looked like by the end of 11/03/2012:

NaNoWriMo Progress graph day 3

As you can see from the tiny bit of brown bar peeking over the grey line, I’m very slightly ahead of the 5,000 word target for day 3 (870 words ahead to be precise.) I might have a cause for optimism at this rate, though this was the first day I didn’t manage at least 2,000 words. I probably could have squeezed in those extra 46 words before midnight despite church obligations, furnace repair and pizza, but I was too busy setting myself up with a tumblr blog. Wonder if anyone saw it?


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